Suho Precise Component Limited (SPC), offering connector solutions to the market of Security & Surveillance and Home Appliance. And have excellent suppliers’ networking in sourcing and Logistic. 

Connectors for Security & Surveillance System and Home Appliance Market

Suho Precise Component Limited (SPC), founded in 1998 in Suzhou, an authorized distributor of Molex and JST. SPC provides excellent connectors solutions for the industry of Security and Surveillance system; apart from connector services, sourcing and logistic is the other service to customers, exhaustive suppliers networking on different products.  

As an electronic solutions company, SPC has successfully provided connector solutions to customers in various industries. Especially in the areas of security and surveillance, home appliance for the customers in Central China. SPC has special know-how on the connectors on 360 security camera and washing machine for the two major well-known brand: HikVision and BOSCH-SIEMENS.  

Security & Home Appliance

Connector use in Security Camera

  • FFC & FPC Connector
  • Coaxial & FFC Cable
  • Memory Socket
  • WtB Connector
  • I/O Connector
  • RF Connector

Connector use in DVR, NVR

  • Terminal Block
  • Sata Connector
  • RF Connector
  • I/O Connector
  • High Speed Connector
  • RJ45
  • Memory Socket

Connector use in Washing Machine

  • Membrane Switch
  • Power Connector
  • RAST 2.5
  • RAST 5.0
  • RAST Power
  • WtB Connector

Total Sourcing & Logistic Solution

SPC is capable to support customer on total sourcing & logistic solution. Customer can save time and cost to buying multiple of part no in one single point. SPC also providing unique barcode label service to customer. We are currently providing this solution to TE Electronic

our expertise

Support Unique Barcode

Competition & Reasonable Price

Flexible Logistic Service

Quality Assurance

Key Business Partners of SPC