Security system become a hot topic in these years. This system provides secure surveillance, detection of abnormalities, and intensive surveillance from the headquarters; adaptable for for various purposes.

Hung Shang Group provides a wide range of interconnect products for high-level surveillance system, indoor/outdoor camera system and back-end system. In this section, you can see some solution provided by Hung Shang Group in this market.

Typical Security System

  1. Camera collect image and data
  2. Transmit to PDH
  3. Coding by DVS
  4. Decoding data
  5. Data storage by NVR, DVR and NAS
  6. Display the image to the central panel

Interconnect Solution for Camera

Connector To Be Used :

  • WTB Connector
  • FPC Connector
  • Terminal Block
  • RF Connector
  • Modular Jack
  • Memory Socket
  • Coaxial & FFC Cable
  • High Speed Connector
  • Sata Connector