Molex New Product Introduction (NPI)

Hung Shang Group is fully supporting customer on product design work and turning a design into a product in a short period of time.  A robust and efficient NPI process is absolutely necessary to insure the joint success and also let our valued customers could get the latest product information in the early time.

Molex’s Product teams are dedicated to this process.  We use the latest techniques and technologies to insure:

  • Rapid Prototyping, both mechanical and electrical.
  • Test Development: both in-circuit and functional.
  • Early problem identification – material availability, alternate component selections as required.
  • Final fit and finish evaluations.
  • Final packaging considerations, both cosmetic and functional.
Molex NPI Database

Cellular Flexible Antennas

PDF File Name:209142.pdf

Coeur CST High-Current Interconnect System

PDF File Name:CoeurCST.pdf

3-in-1 (4G/Wi-Fi/GPS)External Antennas

PDF File Name:3in1.pdf

Micro-Fit+ Connector

PDF File Name:MicroFit.pdf

High-accuracy Stacked PatchGNSS Antenna

PDF File Name:GNSS.pdf

Pico-Lock 1.00 and 1.50mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Connector System

PDF File Name:pico-lock.pdf
Nano-Fit Power Connectors 2.50mm Pitch
Link 396 Connector System Product Family  
PDF File Name:link396.pdf
DuraClik™ 2.0mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Connector System  
PDF File Name:dura-clik 2.0mm.pdf
Automotive Bulb Socket
PDF File Name:auto bulb socket.pdf
Mini-Fit Sr.™ Power Connector System
PDF File Name:mini-fit Sr.pdf
MXP120™ Sealed Connector System
PDF File Name:mxp120.pdf
CP-6.5 Wire-to-Board Connector System
PDF File Name:cp-6.5.pdf
Spring Clips for Mobile Devices
PDF File Name:spring clip.pdf
TermiMate™ One-Circuit Board-to-Board & Wire-to-Board Terminal-Style Connector System 
PDF File Name:TermiMate.pdf
FFC/FPC Connector, 0.3mm Pitch, Backflip Actuator, Front Flip
PDF File Name:FPC 0.3mm.pdf
Ditto™ Wire-to-Wire Interconnects
PDF File Name:ditto W-W.pdf
Mini50™ Connector System
PDF File Name:Mini 50.pdf
DDR4 DIMM Sockets, Vertical, SMT
PDF File Name:DDR4.pdf
EdgeLine® High-Speed Edge Card Connectors
PDF File Name:edgeline.pdf
EdgeMate™ Wire-to-Edge-Card Power Connectors, 3.96mm Pitch, with Positive Lock
PDF File Name:edgemate.pdf
Eurostyle™ Terminal Blocks
EXTreme OrthoPower™ Orthogonal Direct-Power Connector System
FAKRA II SMB Connector System
PDF File Name:FAKRA II.pdf
FFC/FPC Connectors, 0.5mm Pitch, Front Slip, SMT, Bottom Contact, 1.50mm Height, Slim Type, ZIF
PDF File Name:FFC/FPC.pdf
Flexi-Mate™ Connector System
PDF File Name:flexi Mate.pdf
FPC Connector 0.20mm Pitch SMT Dual Contact 0.95mm Height BackFlip™ Actuator 3.00 Depth
PDF File Name:FPC 0.2mm.pdf
FPC Connector 0.30mm Pitch, Dual Contact, SMT, 1.00mm Height, 2.75mm Width, Non-ZIF Type
PDF File Name:FPC 0.3mm.pdf
Impact™ Backplane Connector and Cable Assembly System
PDF File Name:Impel Blackplane.pdf
Imperium™ High Voltage/High Current (HVHC) Connector System
iPass+™ HD (High-Density) Interconnects
PDF File Name:iPass + HD.pdf
KK® 254 Reflow Process Compatible (RPC) Connector System  
PDF File Name:KK 254.pdf
KK® 396 Reflow Process Compatible (RPC) Connector System
PDF File Name:KK396.pdf
LED Array Holders for 22.00 by 22.00mm COB, Circular Version, Dual-Ended Wire Trap
PDF File Name:LED Array Holder.pdf
LED Array Holders for CREE* XLamp† Arrays, Round Version with Bayonet and Rectangular Version  
PDF File Name:LED Holder CREE.pdf
Lite-Trap™ SMT Wire-to-Board Connector System
PDF File Name:Lite-Trap.pdf
Magnetic Jacks: PoE Plus Enabled Gigabit 12-Port (2×6) and 8-Port (2×4) RJ45 with LEDs
PDF File Name:Magnetic Jack.pdf  
Mega-Fit® Power Connectors  
PDF File Name:Mega-Fit Power.pdf
Woodhead® Super-Safeway™ Portable and Permanent-mount GFCI Products
NSCC Unsealed Connectors  
PDF File Name:NSCC.pdf
Optical EMI Shielding Adapters
PDF File Name:HD EMI Optical.pdf
SIM Connector, Block-style, 0.30mm Height 
PDF File Name:SIM Connector.pdf  
SMPM RF Blind-Mate Connectors  
PDF File Name:SMPM RF.pdf
SolderRight™ Direct-Solder Terminals 
PDF File Name:solderRight.pdf  
SpeedStack™ Mezzanine Connector System    
PDF File Name:speedstack.pdf  
SRC – Sealed Rectangular Connectors
PDF File Name:SRC.pdf
Stac64™ Unsealed Connector System, Pin-Alignment-Plate (PAP) Version, Right Angle Headers  
PDF File Name:Stac64.pdf
Super Sabre™ Connector System
PDF File Name:super sabre.pdf  
Ultra Low Loss RF Cable Assemblies using Temp-Flex® Cable  
Vertical SMT Modular Jacks with Kapton Tape 
Woodhead® MAX-LOC® Plus Shielded Cord-Grip Assemblies
PDF File Name:Max-Loc.pdf
zQSFP+ 2-by-1 Stacked Integrated Connectors and Cages  
PDF File Name:zQSFP.pdf
zSFP+ (Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus) 25 Gbps Interconnect System
PDF File Name:zSFP.pdf