We Do Our Bread Right


Macfield established in 2010 in Hong Kong. It is mainly focusing on Bakery & Pastry production and aims to offer high quality and safety bakery and pastry product at a competitive price to meet the high demand of market. 

Macfield owns two plants in Hong Kong with more than 120 staff working on the bakery production per day, so the number of bread and pastry supply is able to reach 100,000 pieces to our clients per day. 

Customization of Bread

As a bakery & pastry production, Macfield is able to meet clients’ expectations on the taste, smell, texture and shape of the bakery. Macfield has its professional and efficiency machine and team to provide the best quality of bakery and pastry to our clients.

The bakery and bread we are offering: Toast, Butter Roll, Burger and Croissant

And more....

We have been producing and supplying an eclectic variety of artisan bread, pastries and cakes to top restaurants, hotels and delis since 2008, and we will continue to roll out new bread products with new concepts to serve your marketing needs.

Tasty Bakery

We believe only the best ingredients make the best food, that’s why our bread contains no preservatives, and are made with premium trans fat-free ingredients sourced from around the world. Take a closer look at some of the ingredients handpicked by our breadsmiths and you will know the difference.

Key Business Partners of Macfield